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The negative impacts of social media and cyberbullying

I. Introduction A. Grab reader’s attention (Hook) B. Background Information 1. Information Piece 1 2. Information Piece 2 C. Thesis Preview D. Thesis with Preview of Main Points (main arguments) II. Topic Sentence of Body Paragraph 1- First Previewed Main Point (in the writer’s own words) A. Support and Elaboration- Ties back to topic sentence B. Support and Elaboration- Ties back to topic sentence C. Support and Elaboration- Ties back to topic sentence D. Transition to the Next Paragraph III. Topic Sentence of Body Paragraph 2- Second Previewed Main Point (in the writer’s own words) (continue as with Body Paragraph 1) IV. Topic Sentence of Body Paragraph 3- Third Previewed Main Point (in the writer’s own words) (continue as with Body Paragraph 1) V. Consider the Opposition VI. Conclusion A. Rephrase Thesis Preview B. Summarize Main Points C. Rephrase/restate thesis D. Concluding Sentence this assignment is an ARGUMENT ESSAY YOU HAVE TO PROVE A POINT AND THE POINT IS prove social media itself allows users to harass, bully, and threaten without fear of punishment. it needs 5 works citied
I. Introduction A. Grab reader’s attention (Hook) B. Background Information 1.
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