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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
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1972 UN Conference on Human Environment (Stockholm Conference)

Write a 10 page paper on the 1972 UN Conference on Human Environment, otherwise known as the Stockholm Conference. I have included the paper guidelines as detailed on the syllabus and my own topic description with annotated bibliography. In the topic description document is some feedback that will help to narrow the focus of the paper. The paper requires 15 sources, please include some from my annotated bibliography. Lavanya Rajamani's 2003 article is a great place to start from.
Write a 10 page paper on the 1972 UN Conference on Human Environment, otherwise known as the Stockholm Conference. I have included the paper guidelines as detailed on the syllabus and my own topic description with annotated bibliography. In the topic description document is some feedback that will help to narrow the focus of the paper. The paper requires 15 sources, please include some from my annotated bibliography.
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