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International Marketing and National Character: A Review and Proposal for an Integrative Theory

Critical review paper i. Introduction [2] minimum 1 page* • tell us about the topic, paper and the author/s • feel free to reuse some of what you did in the first two parts of the assignment in this section ii. Evaluation – Discuss the Positive Features of the article [4] minimum 2 pages* iii. Evaluation – Discuss the Negative Features of the article [4] minimum 2 pages* iv. Conclusion – Do you Agree or Disagree with the author? [2] minimum 1 page* v. Citations – APA with intext & url – [3] minimum 6: 3 positive & 3 negative * Size 12 font 1.5 spacing
Critical review paper i. Introduction [2] minimum 1 page* • tell us about the topic, paper and the author/s • feel free to reuse some of what you did in the first two parts of the assignment in this section ii. Evaluation – Discuss the Positive Features of the article [4] minimum 2 pages* iii. Evaluation – Discuss the Negative Features of the article [4] minimum 2 pages* iv.
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