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Flag this Question Question 1 5 pts The function of DAX1 is to: facilitate development of normal ovaries. work with SRY to produce testes in XY males. trigger development of breasts. trigger the disappearance of Wolffian ducts.   Flag this Question Question 2 5 pts The absence of Mullerian ducts in an adult with female genitals: Question options: is only observed when abnormal levels of DAX1 were present during fetal development. is a symptom of DSD resulting from excess testosterone production. can be cured with estrogen injections. is caused by androgen-insensitivity syndrome in XY individuals.   Flag this Question Question 3 1 pts XY females result from a DAX1 mutation. True False   Flag this Question Question 4 1 pts XX male is biologically possible. True False
Flag this Question Question 1 5 pts The function of DAX1 is to: facilitate development of normal ovaries. work with SRY to produce testes in XY males. trigger development of breasts. trigger the disappearance of Wolffian ducts.
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