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Brief essay on the following questions

The questions are 1.Define Business Case and explain the difference between a Business Case and a Business Plan. 2.What is the relationship between systems analysts and stakeholders? This relationship has a significant impact on a business case that is developed around and idea or proposal. 3.Identify 7 common reasons why projects fail and explain how a business case can mitigate the risks associated with them. 4.What is a business driver, and how does it relate to project planning? What are technology drivers and what is their impact on projects? 5.Zachman Framework has had a significant impact on project development. Discuss Enterprise Architecture as it relates to a project and how it impacts the role of the Analyst. So a paragraph is enough for each of the questions
The questions are 1.Define Business Case and explain the difference between a Business Case and a Business Plan. 2.What is the relationship between systems analysts and stakeholders? This relationship has a significant impact on a business case that is developed around and idea or proposal. 3.Identify 7 common reasons why projects fail and explain how a business case can mitigate the risks associated with them.
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