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Policy Article Analysis

Social Welfare as a Social Institution II Article Analysis Paper Dr. Sechrest-Ehrhardt Spring 2017 Due March 30th, 2017 This assignment provides students with an opportunity to critically analyze an article regarding a current social policy. Students are to select a current social policy issue and present their analysis of the article along with an analysis supporting or opposing the author’s view of the policy. The critical analysis of the social policy issue must include but is not limited to the following information. Introduction- The name of the policy, timeframe the policy was introduced to local, state, or federal government, key stakeholders, if any, Article analysis Students are to answer the following questions. 1. In your opinion why was this policy introduced? What issue does the policy address? 2. Does the policy appear to meet the mandates of or objects of the policy? 3. What is the author’s position regarding the policy? Why do you think he or she has this position? 4. Do you agree or agree with the author’s position? 5. Based on your answer provide evidence which supports your perspective or position of the policy? (This portion of the paper requires a bit of research on the policy.) 6. What changes do you suggest are needed to insure that the policy is effects and accomplishes what it was charged to accomplish? 7. What might be the role of professional social worker? And or citizens? Conclusion This paper is to be 5-7 double spaced pages in length. APA format must be used. A reference page is to be included. A hard copy is due to the professor at the beginning of class March 30th. The Policy you should write about is the affordable care act I have attached the article to use.
Social Welfare as a Social Institution II Article Analysis Paper Dr. Sechrest-Ehrhardt Spring 2017 Due March 30th, 2017 This assignment provides students with an opportunity to critically analyze an article regarding a current social policy. Students are to select a current social policy issue and present their analysis of the article along with an analysis supporting or opposing the author’s view of the policy. The critical analysis of the social policy issue must include but is not limited to the following information.
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