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Assignment: Read the Opening Remarks and the four attached documents - one on housing policies and three on transportation policies. (Apologies for the not-so-perfect scanning of pages). Answer the following questions: A. Housing A1. What could the U.S. learn from housing policies in the other countries discussed? A2. Which country has the policy which is geriatric supportive and meets Maslow's heirachy of needs for sufficient shelter? B. Transportation B1. Which U.K. transportation policy should the U.S. consider to support the geriatric population and why? B2. Review the state listing of laws related to the geriatric population. Should IN change its laws based on what you reviewed regarding other states' laws? Why or why not? Explain what influenced your decision.
Assignment: Read the Opening Remarks and the four attached documents - one on housing policies and three on transportation policies. (Apologies for the not-so-perfect scanning of pages). Answer the following questions: A. Housing A1.
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