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Ethicality of Placebos

Use these 6 sources to write a research synthesis paper. ASAI, ATSUSHI, and YASUHIRO KADOOKA. "Reexamination of the Ethics of Placebo use in Clinical Practice." Bioethics 27.4 (2013): 186-93. Print. Barnhill, Anne, and Franklin G. Miller. "Placebo and Deception: A Commentary." Journal of Medicine & Philosophy 40.1 (2015): 69-82. Print. Miller, Franklin G., and Luana Colloca. "The Legitimacy of Placebo Treatments in Clinical Practice: Evidence and Ethics." American Journal of Bioethics 9.12 (2009): 39-47. Print. Raz, Amir, et al. "Is there a Place for (Deceptive) Placebos within Clinical Practice?" American Journal of Bioethics 9.12 (2009): 52-4. Print. SHAW, DAVID, and ALEX MCMAHON. "Ethicovigilance in Clinical Trials." Bioethics 27.9 (2013): 508-13. Print. Winfried Rief, PhD, MD Jerry Avorn, and MD Arthur J. Barsky. "Medication-Attributed Adverse Effects in Placebo Groups Implications for Assessment of Adverse Effects." 166.2 (2006)Print.
Use these 6 sources to write a research synthesis paper. ASAI, ATSUSHI, and YASUHIRO KADOOKA. "Reexamination of the Ethics of Placebo use in Clinical Practice." Bioethics 27.4 (2013): 186-93. Print.
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