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CREATED ON 22nd February 2016
COMPLETED ON 23rd February 2016
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Business Thank You Letter

Hello - I am looking for a letter thanking local orthodontists for their support over the years. I work for a large dental practice and we have recently hired an "in-house" orthodontist. In the past, we referred out orthodontist cases and they received many patients from us because of this. Since they have relied on us in the past for referrals, I would like to send them a letter notifying them of our new doctor and thanking them for their support as well.
Hello - I am looking for a letter thanking local orthodontists for their support over the years. I work for a large dental practice and we have recently hired an "in-house" orthodontist. In the past, we referred out orthodontist cases and they received many patients from us because of this. Since they have relied on us in the past for referrals, I would like to send them a letter notifying them of our new doctor and thanking them for their support as well.
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