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1) In this Literature Review assignment, each student will summarize cross­cultural research findings in anthropology journals on ONE (1) health/illness­ related issue of interest to him/her and then describe how the articles contribute to a cross­cultural understanding of the topic, comparing and contrasting the articles’ findings as appropriate. For example, if you or someone in your household had a cold; you would look for articles about colds or, more broadly, acute respiratory infections in different groups of people. Perhaps you or someone in your household is a vegetarian for health­related reasons; you would look for articles about vegetarianism, or more broadly, eating and health in cross­cultural perspective, that is, in different groups of people. This doesn’t just mean different ethnic groups. People in the same family with the same ethnic heritage may have many different culturally constructed ideas about eating and health. 2) Use the UMUC library databases (for example, Social Science Citation Index and Anthrosource) to find relevant journal articles on your topic. Also be sure to take advantage of the expertise of the librarians at UMUC: A list of some major anthropology journals follows (this list can also be found in Additional Information): Anthropology and Medicine Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry Curare (Make sure the article(s) you choose are written from an anthropological perspective. Anthropology should be explicitly mentioned.) Global Change and Human Health (Make sure the article(s) you choose are written from an anthropological perspective. Anthropology should be explicitly mentioned.) Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine Journal of Ethnopharmacology Medical Anthropology Quarterly Medical Anthropology: Cross­Cultural Studies in Health and Illness Social Science and Medicine (Make sure the article(s) you choose are written from an anthropological perspective. Anthropology should be explicitly mentioned.) Human Organization 3) ***A minimum of FIVE (5) references from anthropological journals are required. You may include more than five references and you may use references from journals that are not on the list of anthropology journals, but at least five of your references must be written from an anthropological perspective and published in at least one of the journals listed above. References should be cited within the paper and at the end of the paper using proper APA citation practices. For additional information regarding APA citation please refer to the “APA Citation Help” link in the Webliography under “Course Resources.” 4) In your Literature Review you must: a. Identify the research questions the author(s) investigated in this study (What does the author want to know?) b. Summarize the previous research the author(s) reviewed c. Detail the methods the author(s) used to collect data d. Summarize the results of the study e. Discuss the implications of the study for the health/illness­related issue the study How can these findings be used to improve health? f. List any limitations to the study the author(s) acknowledges or that you identify g. List future studies suggested by this study and your own suggestions
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