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Show and tell

Show N Tell Students present, singly or in pairs, an interesting 5 minute show n tell session to the tutorial group to demonstrate a resource and discuss its limitations and opportunities. Analysis of issues of safety, ethics and responsibility and their impact on learning when using ICTs in classrooms is included A rich detailed interesting presentation. Organized and well prepared. Relevance of the tool/resource chosen is widely explored and examined. (Interesting, usable, educational and accessible) Insightful critical reflection is made in regards to the educational limitations and opportunities the resource offers. pros and cond foucs on the cons
Show N Tell Students present, singly or in pairs, an interesting 5 minute show n tell session to the tutorial group to demonstrate a resource and discuss its limitations and opportunities. Analysis of issues of safety, ethics and responsibility and their impact on learning when using ICTs in classrooms is included A rich detailed interesting presentation. Organized and well prepared. Relevance of the tool/resource chosen is widely explored and examined.
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PowerPoint Presentation
The Use of Hiprex and 1000mg of Vitamin C in reducing recurrent UTI's in longterm care patients
I have attached an example of the assignment done in the past. there is the template with instructions on what goes into each of the sections, then there is a rubric on how It is graded
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Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences, using examples and detail.
Instructions: See attached word document. Answer each topic with at least 100 words. Ideally 125 words per topic = 250 words (1 page total) No Formatting is required.
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·         Focus on the text itself for your interpretation ·         Introduction: Provide the necessary background information in 3 to 5 sentences: title of poem ,poet’s name/any relevant biographical facts ,and summary of the poem’s subject or topic. ·         In your thesis, identify the literary element(s) to be analyzed and the approach or direction..
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Entering and Learning Deviant Cultures and Practices: The Building of Deviant Careers and Identities 37. Drifting into Dealing: Becoming a Cocaine Seller, Sheigla Murphy, Dan Waldorf, Craig Reinarman 38. Self-Control, Peer Relations, and Delinquency, Constance L. Chapple Deviant Careers and Identities: Some Additional Forms and Shapes—Peers, Gangs,..
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Child abuse and neglect are symptomatic of other underlying family issues. Family members in abusive and neglectful families are experiencing stresses related to physical, environmental, and personal factors. This assignment is a fact-finding process that gathers pertinent information to make the following determinations: 1. Occurrence of abuse-physical,..
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Write three paragraphs discussing the lease vs purchase automobile decision. One paragraph will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leasing. One paragraph will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing. The third paragraph will discuss which option is best (lease or purchase) for you at this point in your life...
Outline of Plan and Peer Review for Individual Project
Dear writer, please follow what I want very carefully. READ here This forum asks that you post your plan for the written or text part of the individual project, which is about needs assessment.  First, make sure you have read and reviewed Chapter 6 and see how needs assessment fits into evaluation plans and actions.  Next, think about how you would do this for a project. ..
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Course Materials: Essentials of Corporate Finance, 9e, Ross, Westerfield and Jordan, You are required to write a financial analysis paper for a publicly-traded US company. 1. Pick a publicly-traded US company and write a brief introduction  Choose a public-listed US company that you are interested in.  Write a brief introduction of the firm (one page, 12..
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The Importance of Coalition-Building to Partnership Development and Community Health Outcomes
Part 7 (Overview, Chapters 17, 18 and 19) and Appendix 5 in Community Organizing and Community Building for Health and Welfare (Third Edition) edited by Meredith Minkler, Rutgers University Press, July 2012, pp. 305–365, 439-443 Nicolas, Jean-Louis, et al. “Addressing the Childhood Asthma Crisis in Harlem: The Harlem Children’s Zone Asthma Initiative,”..
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NY case response
I need one page response to the post below: In my opinion, I think Chief Justice Cardozo was correct in dismissing the complaint. The reason why I thought this was due to how could a guard know that the package contained fireworks. The guards were doing their job by making sure the man who was holding the package that contained the fireworks made it safe onto the train...
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Description Answer all 5 questions , as mentioned in attached 'Questions' document. The answer has to be in 'in own words' by reading attached Chapter 8 pdf. Instruction:2 pages: Single space, no words limitations. Format: General. No citation required.
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