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Entering and Learning Deviant Cultures and Practices: The Building of Deviant Careers and Identities 37. Drifting into Dealing: Becoming a Cocaine Seller, Sheigla Murphy, Dan Waldorf, Craig Reinarman 38. Self-Control, Peer Relations, and Delinquency, Constance L. Chapple Deviant Careers and Identities: Some Additional Forms and Shapes—Peers, Gangs, and Organizations 39. Differential Association, Multiple Normative Standards, and the Increasing Incidence of Corporate Deviance in an Era of Globalization, Verghese Chirayath, Kenneth Eslinger, Ernest De Zolt 40. Corporations, Organized Crime, and the Disposal of Hazardous Waste: An Examination of the Making of a Criminogenic Regulatory Structure, Andrew Szasz Answer two questions: 1. Summarize Becker’s four-step model of deviant careers as it relates to the cocaine sellers in the study by Murphy, et al. Also, as the respondents moved deeper into the seller career path, what was the significance of “drift” (Matza) into and out of deviance for their self concept development? 2. Chirayath, et al. use an updated model of differential association (combined with assumptions from the critical Frankfurt School and classical economics) to examine globalized corporate deviance. Briefly summarize their conclusions and offer your opinion about the future of such globalized wrongdoing. 3. Andrew Szasz describes the participation of organized crime in the hazardous waste disposal industry. Summarize his analysis of the criminogenic regulatory structure which enabled that participation. Focus especially on interim licensing and manifest oversight. What is the most significant roadblock to ending this form of organized crime?
Entering and Learning Deviant Cultures and Practices: The Building of Deviant Careers and Identities 37. Drifting into Dealing: Becoming a Cocaine Seller, Sheigla Murphy, Dan Waldorf, Craig Reinarman 38. Self-Control, Peer Relations, and Delinquency, Constance L. Chapple Deviant Careers and Identities: Some Additional Forms and Shapes—Peers, Gangs, and Organizations 39.
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