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Community Agency visit written assignment

Evaluation of a Community Agency Webpage For this assignment you will locate a web site for a community counseling agency with in NYC please (Brooklyn) For example, you might try doing a Google search for, “community counseling agency NYC” and then pick one of the organization ’ s webpages to critique. You will analyze the agency’s webpage based on the criteria and questions outlined below. This pap er must be written in paragraph form and should NOT be a numbered list of responses. 1. Review the site and include the URL. You should select an agency that you do not know about. 2. Does the agency fit the traditional paradigm or the new paradigm for c ounseling as discussed in Lewis & Lewis? Please explain. 3. Descri be the structure of the website (what does it look like? How is the information displayed? Is it clear and organized?) 4. See if you can determine from reviewing the web site (do not use you r knowledge of the agency but focus exclusively on information provided on the web page): a. What services does the agency provide? (Indicate whether they are direct, indirect, prevention or advocacy services) b. What is the geographic (catchment) area that the agency serves? c. What are the requirements for receiving services? d. What is the process that an individual has to complete to receive services? 5. Are any needed forms easily available on the site? 6. Are the links to other web pages clear? Di d you find any that didn’t work? 7. Is contact information easily accessible for individuals who want additional information? 8. Does the website provide any outreach/education/prevention information? If so please explain. 9. Apply one of the concepts from the class readings on web site design in your evaluation of the web site. Explain/define the concept and then apply it to the assessing the web site. 10. Evaluate the site using criteria discussed in class, and discuss: a. Information that is presented we ll b. Information that is missing and should be included c. Suggestions for improving the web site 11 . Does the web site reflect diversity? Explain
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