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Read the Philosophy and Life piece titled "Science and the Attempt to Observe Reality" Answer 3 questions below by 3 paragraphs What implications do the Hawthorne experiments have for our claims to knowledge? Do you believe that we can ever hope to know the world as it really is? To what extent does it matter if we ever can know the world as it really is? Explain and be specific.
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Reliability Analysis of Interaction Network Considering Capacity and Delay of TransmissionSummaryThis paper introduces a reliability index Capacity and Delay Related Reliability (CDRR) for interaction networks. Developed is proposed for evaluating the CDRR. This criteria needs the binary system states generated by the minimal paths, concept flow capacity and time delay of such states. A criterion intended for computing the delay moments of the binary system declares is also suggested. In the conventional paper, attempt has been made to rationalize that the index, CDRR will be an appropriate stability index to get evaluating the performance of communication networks.Keywords Connectivity Performance-index CDRR Communication-network Flow-capacity Time-delayI. LAUNCHCommunication network is among the flow networks where the flow is the communication transported throughout the network consisting of nodes operating as..
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