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Robbery AB

The type topic assigned for the paper is robbery. Find 5 articles in professional, peer-reviewed, criminal justice/criminology journals dealing with the topic published in the last 5 years. You are to provide an annotated bibliography, 1 page per source for the 5 articles. For each AB, you are to provide: 1.) The APA reference citation 2.) Hypotheses/questions addressed 3.) Sample and methods used 4.) Major findings and conclusions *You can peruse the higher-order statistics, as the findings/discussion will elucidate on the numbers. Suggested journals for assignment (not an exhaustive list): Criminology Crime & Delinquency Criminal Justice & Behavior Social Problems Deviant Behavior Justice Quarterly Journal of Criminal Justice Victimology Journal of Drug Issues Journal of Interpersonal Violence Journal of Quantitative Criminology Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency
The type topic assigned for the paper is robbery. Find 5 articles in professional, peer-reviewed, criminal justice/criminology journals dealing with the topic published in the last 5 years. You are to provide an annotated bibliography, 1 page per source for the 5 articles. For each AB, you are to provide: 1.) The APA reference citation 2.) Hypotheses/questions addressed 3.) Sample and methods used 4.) Major findings and conclusions *You can peruse the higher-order statistics, as the findings/discussion will elucidate on the numbers.
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