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health policy II: analyzing processes of power and politics ____________________________________________________ annoated biblography is attached please use that Final Essay (Due: March 30, 2017) Worth 25% In this essay you will write about a current Canadian health policy question or issue. A health policy question could be something like: “What is the best way of providing health services for new immigrants?” A health policy issue could look at the same question from a different perspective: “Why are there difficulties in providing health services for new immigrants?” You can build on the topic you developed for your Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography assignment. In your final paper you will: 1) Identify, describe and analyze a health policy issue/question of your choice 2) Identify the values that underlie the development of the policy (e.g., the belief that all people should have access to publicly funded health care). 3) In your analysis identify the equity dimensions of the policy (e.g., Does the policy impact different groups in society in different ways. Does the policy discriminate against particular groups or individuals?). 4) Give an assessment as to whether or not the policy that has been developed has been successful, a failure, partly successful, etc. and why you have come to that conclusion. Make a suggestion about what would strengthen the policy response. The final paper will be expected to be 2000 words not including references) and should demonstrate the ability to apply the material learned in this course plus the use of relevant secondary literature to analyze a topic related to health policy. Your essay MUST contain a minimum of 5 academic references. Newspaper and magazine articles may also be used but they are not considered academic material. Wikipedia is not considered an academic source.
health policy II: analyzing processes of power and politics ____________________________________________________ annoated biblography is attached please use that Final Essay (Due: March 30, 2017) Worth 25% In this essay you will write about a current Canadian health policy question or issue. A health policy question could be something like: “What is the best way of providing health services for new immigrants?” A health policy issue could look at the same question from a different perspective: “Why are there difficulties in providing health services for new immigrants?” You can build on the topic you developed for your Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography assignment. In your final paper you will: 1) Identify, describe and analyze a health policy issue/question of your choice 2) Identify the values that underlie the development of the policy (e.g., the belief that all people should have access to publicly funded health care). 3) In your analysis identify the equity dimensions of the policy (e.g., Does the policy impact different groups in society in different ways.
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