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Slavery By Another Name and Modern Day Context

This video focuses on the convict leasing system that took place after American Reconstruction. For this discussion post, I want to see what similarities do you see between what is highlighted in the video to modern day. Describe the convict leasing system. What factors lead to the convict leasing system? What connections do you see between the convict leasing system in the 18th and 19th centuries to modern day criminal justice system? How does this video relate to the themes highlighted in Pedagogy of the Oppressed? How is this dehumanization relevant today? How does this set the foundation for how blacks are treated today? Please make sure you use the video as your point of reference for answering these questions. I want your analysis to start with the video. The YouTube link to the documentary is found below. As a reminder, your discussion post must be at least 250 words.
This video focuses on the convict leasing system that took place after American Reconstruction. For this discussion post, I want to see what similarities do you see between what is highlighted in the video to modern day. Describe the convict leasing system. What factors lead to the convict leasing system?
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