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Due 3-28-17 ill will provide the textbook needed YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR ANY TEXTBOOK BASED QUESTIONS UNLESS YOU CITE THE PAGE NUMBERS IN THE TEXTBOOKS, Understanding World Societies and the Sources of World Societies INFORMATION USED IN ANSWERS TO ALL QUESTIONS ON THE EXAM MAY ONLY BE TAKEN FROM THE TEXTBOOKS, BE SURE TO CITE THE PAGE NUMBERS THAT WERE THE SOURCES OF YOUR ANSWERS. ANSWERS DERIVED FROM OTHER SOURCES OR FROM OTHER STUDENTS’ EXAM WILL RESULT IN FAILURE IN THE COURSE AND POSSIBLE DISCIPLINARY ACTION You may submit the exam early but no exam will be accepted after the deadline for any reason. All work in this class must be solely your own there are no group projects in this class. Each exam should be no longer than 17 double-spaced typewritten pages, using size 12 font (Times New Roman), with margins of at least 1". No more than 24 lines per page each must be numbered 1-18. For questions taken from the textbooks you must cite the specific page numbers that were the sources of your answers. You will not receive credit unless the specific page numbers are cited. Example p. 22-23. EXAMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED UNLESS THEY ARE CORRECTLY LABELED AND FORMATTED. NO EXAM WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEADLINE FOR ANY REASON. Labeling/Formatting Exercise LABELING EXAMS (Must be labeled exactly as they appear in the syllabus) NAME___________________ Section I A. Based on the textbook 1. write an essay comparing and contrasting feudalism and manorialism… 2. write an essay on the growth of cities… B. Based upon Sources in World Civilization Vol. 1 Document 14.2 1. according to Fulcher, what was the political situation… 2. write an essay on Pope Urban II’s description of Muslims 3. write an on why he asked Christians… C. ETC. Don’t answer these questions just send the above to me to make sure you understand the label/formatting EXAMINATION GRADING 100-90 = A 89-80 = B 79-70 = C 69-60 = D 59 - 0 = F FINAL GRADE (determined by adding exam scores and bonus points0 300-270 A 269-240 B 239-210 C 209-180 D 179-0 F I. Acceleration of Global Contact 20 Points A. Based upon the textbook discuss: 1. the following aspects of the treatment of women in South East Asia: a. women in agriculture b. bride wealth c. women in commerce d. sexual activity and divorce 2. the causes of European expansion 3. the relationship between exploration and technology B. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. discuss each of the following a. Spanish voyages to America b. Portuguese colonial administration 2. Why did Europeans undertake ambitious voyages of expansion? C. Based upon Sources of World Societies Vol. 2 Document 16.3 Grants Of Rights of Trade, discuss each of the following: 1. Why did merchants want special privileges to trade at Sao Thome? 2. What privileges did they receive? 3. What kinds of goods did the merchant Fernam de Mello want to trade? 4. What taxes did he have to pay on his goods? D. Based upon the textbook discuss aspects of European instruction in each of the following: 1. describe early French exploration 2. the indigenous population loss 3. economic exploitation 4. the Black Legend 5. efforts to convert indigenous people to Christianity II. European Power and Expansion 20 Points A. Based upon textbook, discuss each of the following aspects of the Catholic Reformation: 1. the role of Pope Paul III 2. the role of the Jesuits B. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. the impact of famine in the 17th century 2. economic crisis 3. the methods of European state building 4. Spanish government economic policies and their impact C. Based upon the Sources of World Societies Vol. 2 Document 17.6 A Decree and a Manifesto 1. How do Pugachev’s proclamations combine the ideas of democracy and freedom, divinity and absolutist rule? 2. the significance of Pugachev’s consistent scapegoating of the nobility 3. the political theory in Pugachev’s decrees D. Based upon the textbook, Individuals in Society-Moses Mendelssohn and the Jewish Enlightenment, discuss the following: 1. Moses Mendelssohn’s early life 2. Mendelssohn’s treatise on the human soul and the criticism of it D. Based upon textbook discuss the following 1. the Puritan Protectorate in England 2. the restoration of monarchy in England 3. the Dutch Republic E. Based upon the textbook discuss the following: 1. religious violence in Europe 2. the theory and practice of Mercantilism 3. the relationship between Mercantilism and colonial wars 4. as European powers seized lands throughout the world they had to deal with people beyond the borders – name and discuss these people III. The Islamic World Powers 20 Points A. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following aspects of Islamic Empires: 1. the establishment and decline of the following empires: a. Safavid b. Mughal 2. each of the following individuals and their contributions: a. Timur (also known as Tamerlane) b. Suleiman c. Lutfi Pasa 3. discuss the reign of Akbar in India B. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. how Christians, Jews, Hindus and other non-Muslims fared under the three Islamic empires 2. the commercial networks in the Islamic empires 3. the decline of in wealth and the international power of the each of the three Islamic empires 3. Persian carpets 4. the transition from the British East India Company to the British Empire In India C. Based upon Sources of World Societies Vol. 2 Document 20-4 From the Memoirs of Jahangir, discuss each of the following 1. Jahangir’s rules regarding inheritance 2. the evolution of Jahangir’s attitude toward the drinking of alcohol 3. Nur-Jahan Beganm’s tiger hunting and its reward D. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. cities and palaces in the Islamic empires 2. gardens and their symbolism IV. Continuity and Change in East Asia 20 Points A. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. the reign of the emperor Taizu 2. describe the Great Wall and its purpose 3. the technological and intellectual achievements of the Ming dynasty 4. relaxation and recreation during the Ming period 5. Ming agriculture and its impact B. Based upon the textbook discuss the following: 1. the reign of the emperor Taizu 2. the reign of the emperor Kanzi 3. the reign of the emperor Qianlong C. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following aspects of Japan: 1. the civil war in 15th century Japan and its impact 2. the Tokugawa government 3. treatment of Japanese peasants 4. marriage and divorce in 15th & 16th century Japan D. Based upon the textbook Individuals in Society: Tan Yunxian, a Woman Doctor, discuss each of the following: 1. Which women’s complaints (cite specific examples) did she record and how did she treat them? 2. Which complaints did she record that were common to both men and women and how did she treat them. 3. Why would she have been more effective with women than a male physician? V. New World Views and Ways of Life 20 Points A. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. scientific thought through the early1500s (be sure to identify its centers) 2. Why did science and innovation develop in Europe and not in the Muslim World and China 3. the theories in The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy 4. the theories of each of the following scientists: a. Nicholas Copernicus b. Tycho Brahe c. Johann Kepler B. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. What intellectual and social changes occurred as a result of the Scientific Revolution (be sure to name them and changes they produced) 2. salons and the role they played in society 3. the leading philosophes (name them) and their theories 4. Jean Jacques Rousseau’s criticism of Enlightenment though C. Based upon the textbook discuss each of the following: 1. Enlightenment racial theories 2. explain enlightened absolutism and describe three enlightened monarchs D. Based upon Sources of World Societies Vol. 2 D: discuss each of the following: 1. Based upon Galileo Galilei Document 18.1, discuss each of the following: a. Why does Galileo believe some people are opposed to his ideas and what actions does he say were taken against him? b. What is Galileo’s position on the “truth” of biblical text? c. According to these excerpts, what is Galileo’s relationship to the Church? 2. Based upon Francis Bacon Document 18.2 discuss each of the following: a. How does Bacon justify his investigation of life and death? b. How does Bacon’s scientific approach to life and death incorporate ideas of religion? E. Based upon Sources of World Societies Vol. 2 Immanuel Kant Document 18.5, discuss each of the following: 1. Summarize Kant’s definition of enlightenment? 2. Why is it difficult for people to attain enlightenment? 3. What is the difference between public and private freedoms (provide examples of both) SECOND EXAM – BE SURE TO SUBMIT THIS EXAM BEFORE THE DEADLINE.
Due 3-28-17 ill will provide the textbook needed YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR ANY TEXTBOOK BASED QUESTIONS UNLESS YOU CITE THE PAGE NUMBERS IN THE TEXTBOOKS, Understanding World Societies and the Sources of World Societies INFORMATION USED IN ANSWERS TO ALL QUESTIONS ON THE EXAM MAY ONLY BE TAKEN FROM THE TEXTBOOKS, BE SURE TO CITE THE PAGE NUMBERS THAT WERE THE SOURCES OF YOUR ANSWERS. ANSWERS DERIVED FROM OTHER SOURCES OR FROM OTHER STUDENTS’ EXAM WILL RESULT IN FAILURE IN THE COURSE AND POSSIBLE DISCIPLINARY ACTION You may submit the exam early but no exam will be accepted after the deadline for any reason. All work in this class must be solely your own there are no group projects in this class. Each exam should be no longer than 17 double-spaced typewritten pages, using size 12 font (Times New Roman), with margins of at least 1".
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