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Kant and absolute moral rules

Kant gives a systematic account of the respect in which some acts are absolutely wrong, without regard for their consequences. Whatever its appeal, it might be objected that, in some cases, moral rules permit of exceptions; and in still other cases, moral rules might conflict with one another. ... In a short essay (500-700 words), discuss the above matter, and take some sort of stand on the acceptability of Kant's position that morality is absolute. Your discussion should demonstrate a familiarity with the basics of Kant's ethical theory (meaning, that you should include the relevant parts of Kant's position in your discussion).
Kant gives a systematic account of the respect in which some acts are absolutely wrong, without regard for their consequences. Whatever its appeal, it might be objected that, in some cases, moral rules permit of exceptions; and in still other cases, moral rules might conflict with one another. ... In a short essay (500-700 words), discuss the above matter, and take some sort of stand on the acceptability of Kant's position that morality is absolute.
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