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How evolutionary concepts help us to understand/mitigate/combat issues with health and disease

Blog - The point is to learn a way of looking at the world through case studies we will explore contemporary issues in health and disease – ones that we confront on a regular basis – and ask how evolutionary concepts help us to understand/mitigate/combat those issues. you’ll have to choose your own topic. This can be something covered in class, but on which you put some unique spin, or it can be something else that interests you, related to health and disease that we don’t talk about at all. If you need inspiration, read the science or health section of your favourite news source, check out, or take a look at National Geographic or Scientific American online. I also want you to remember to be critical. Telling ‘adaptationist’ stories is easy; evaluating the scientific evidence for those stories is harder, but critically important, especially when it could shape clinical care. For the blog, the goal is to read the original research paper on a topic of your choosing, figure out the evolutionary hypothesis that might explain the health issue described, and then marshall evidence to support or refute that hypothesis from additional sources (at least one of these should be published in a scientific journal). Note that you do not need to belabor the technical details of the original research article. You also need to make the case for why the topic is interesting, and relevant to the broader public, which you can also do by referencing nontechnical sources (e.g., news, science blogs, personal experience). YOUR BLOG MUST ANSWER: What is the issue in health/disease that you’re addressing? What is the evolutionary explanation (hypothesis) for that issue? Is there data available to support that explanation? If so, what is it? If not, what sort of data would help you determine if that hypothesis is true? YOU MIGHT CONSIDER ANSWERING: Are there alternative evolutionary explanations for the issue you are discussing and if so what are these? Further specifics - Max. 700 words. A good blog should be able to convey an idea in 400-600 words. - The blog should be referenced using footnotes (superscript numbers) . You do not need a separate References section. - Write for an educated, but lay audience. Imagine writing for your friend in linguistics. The blog will be marked on 4 main components: (1) is the content relevant to course material? (2) are the ideas clearly communicated? (3) is it well-referenced? and (4) does it demonstrate a clear understanding of evolutionary concepts and how they apply to your chosen topic? I attached examples of what is expected for the blog assignment
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