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Total Point Value: 115 (100 for the speech, 15 for the outline) The Assignment: For this assignment, each student will deliver a persuasive speech, which will attempt to get the audience to do something or convince them to change their mind about any topic of your choosing. Time Requirements: Speeches must last between 6-8 minutes. Penalties will be assessed for speeches that either go past the maximum limit, or fall short of the minimum. Every 10 seconds over or under = 1 point deduction. Make sure you’ve practiced with a stopwatch so you know exactly how long your speech will be before you deliver it. Audience: You must have an audience of five people, all over the age of 16. To prove you have an audience, have your videographer briefly record the audience and show the five people in the room prior to your speech, and then have the videographer show them again after your speech has concluded so I know your audience members watched you the entire time. Failure to have an audience, or failure to show them, will incur a hefty 35 point penalty (or, if you have a partial audience, each missing person is worth 7 points). Grading Criteria Introduction: Delivery: Attention grabber 4 points Voice inflection/volume 5 points Clearly stated thesis 4 points Preparedness 5 points Provided justification of importance 4 points Eye contact with audience 5 points Established credibility / expertise in field 4 points Use of non-verbal comm. 4 points Preview of main points 4 points The use of hand movement 5 points Specific purpose (what do you want us to do?) 4 points Effectiveness of at least 2 visual aids 5 points Body: Overall excitement about your topic 5 points Order/organization 4 points Lack of vocalized pauses (um, uh, like) 5 points Transitions 4 points Maintained energy (not boring) 5 points Relevancy of main points 4 points Movement / use of the “stage” 4 points The use and citation of 2 credible sources 4 points Conclusion: **note, failure to have an audience (see requirements Summary (recap of points) 4 points above) will result in a 35 point penalty. Reiterated why this speech is important 4 points Memorable final thought 4 points **giving an informative speech instead of a persuasive speech will also result in a 35 point penalty. **though 2 visual aids are required for this speech, they cannot be anything electronic (i.e. no PowerPoint, video clips, computers, etc), if you have to plug it in, you can’t use it!** Possible types of persuasive speeches: Lecture-style speeches (traditional persuasive), sales pitches, motivational speeches, campaign “vote for me” speeches, etc. Think outside of the box when creating your speech, as you are not limited to a “high school persuasive speech” delivery style or structure. Topic Selection: You are free to choose any topic you like for this speech (with the following exceptions). However, make sure that you are speaking appropriately to your particular class demographic. Be original and creative with your topic! Make the audience want to listen to your speech due to its stunning originality. Be sure to have narrowed your topic down enough so that you may speak on it thoroughly within the 6-8 minute time frame. Banned Topics: The following speech topics are not allowed for this assignment: abortion, animal rights, recycling, texting while driving, gun control, legalization of illegal substances, gun control, and anything to do with your job. Please think outside the box with this assignment, and remember that oftentimes the silliest topics see the greatest success in Comm 101 classes. Your goal is not to set the world on fire with your topic, but to simply have fun and complete the speech to the best of your abilities. Outline: Each student must submit a formal “preparation” outline, due along with your speech. This needs to be formal, typed, include a bibliography, and supply enough material that I know you thoroughly mapped out your speech. Your delivery doesn’t need to strictly adhere to this outline, but should be close. See page your textbook for a few great examples to follow. This outline is worth 15 points. Submitting your Speech: Please refer back to the video tutorials found in the Week 10 folder. You will upload the video of your speech in the same manner you uploaded your Introduction Speech.
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