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Electonic Health Record

Week 3 Assignment: EHR/CPOE Discuss the changes electronic health records (EHR) or Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) have caused in at least one sector of the healthcare industry. In detail, describe, how these technologies have changed the industry and support your ideas with specific examples from your readings and research. Compose a paper addressing the changes and their impact. Your paper should be 1–1.5 pages in length (excluding the title page and reference page). Include references to at least two peer-reviewed journal articles in your paper in addition to citing the course etext (3 sources total).
Week 3 Assignment: EHR/CPOE Discuss the changes electronic health records (EHR) or Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) have caused in at least one sector of the healthcare industry. In detail, describe, how these technologies have changed the industry and support your ideas with specific examples from your readings and research. Compose a paper addressing the changes and their impact. Your paper should be 1–1.5 pages in length (excluding the title page and reference page).
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