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The emperor Marcus Aurelius in real history was also a noted Stoic philosopher, and left us a large body of philosophical writings. In the movie Gladiator, you will remember that he once wrote to his son Commodus about the four virtues of wisdom, justice, fortitude, and temperance. What do these mean, and how are they displayed in the film? An excellent approach here would be to examine a particular character, such as Maximus or Commodus, and analyze how this character either demonstrated these virtues or failed to live up to them. You may choose another approach also, as long you discuss these four virtues and their relationship to figures or events in the film.
The emperor Marcus Aurelius in real history was also a noted Stoic philosopher, and left us a large body of philosophical writings. In the movie Gladiator, you will remember that he once wrote to his son Commodus about the four virtues of wisdom, justice, fortitude, and temperance. What do these mean, and how are they displayed in the film? An excellent approach here would be to examine a particular character, such as Maximus or Commodus, and analyze how this character either demonstrated these virtues or failed to live up to them.
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