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SUBJECT AREA English Language
CREATED ON 19th March 2017
COMPLETED ON 20th March 2017
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Revising my second essay be done within 4 hours

Needs revision!!! need to be done within 3 hours. Check all grammar!! format correction!!! needs to add some details!!!! There are lots of comments that i need to follow!!!! If you can make the sentences better, please do so!!!! it also need a cover page explaining ( Why u make these changes, and what have you made these changes). It can be a paragraph or bullet points!!! can it be done within 3hours?IF, YES I WILL HIRE U
Needs revision!!! need to be done within 3 hours. Check all grammar!! format correction!!!
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19 March 2017
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19 March 2017
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19 March 2017
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20 March 2017
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