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Western civilization paper proposal

1) Your paper proposal (due week 9) should have four sections: a hypothesis, an outline, a literature review, and a working bibliography. We will go over these one by one in class this week, but you have all the necessary information in this announcement. 2) It should not be longer than 2 pages. 3) A hypothesis is the attempt to answer a historical question analytically. It is a statement that attempts to explain who/what causes/d event X, and why. Once you have your sources and can verify/falsify this statement, the result will be the thesis of your research paper. 4) The outline does not need to be detailed; I just want to see you are thinking about your subject in an organized fashion, and it will help you when you start writing the paper later. 5) The literature review is a short selection of your sources, where you briefly describe what the source is, and how you intend to use it. It should cover 2-3 major sources, preferably with one primary source. One short paragraph per source is sufficient. 6) The working bibliography is not your final bibliography; it is just what you have found so far. 7) Font: Times New Roman or Arial, size 12. Double-spaced. Page numbers on each page. For more information about primary vs secondary sources, check this link: You have absolute freedom in choosing your paper topic, as long as: a) It is a historical subject; b) It remains within the scope of this course (4,000 b.c. to 1600 a.d.). Do not attempt to pick a topic just because you think it might be appropriate for a history course. Find a subject you are genuinely interested in, perhaps from your own life and interests, and pursue its history. You will find interesting historical connections to most of your everyday routines, hobbies, or activities. Do not write a paper on a subject you do not care about --it would be pointless.
1) Your paper proposal (due week 9) should have four sections: a hypothesis, an outline, a literature review, and a working bibliography. We will go over these one by one in class this week, but you have all the necessary information in this announcement. 2) It should not be longer than 2 pages. 3) A hypothesis is the attempt to answer a historical question analytically.
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