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SUBJECT AREA Environmental Sciences
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CREATED ON 19th March 2017
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Effects of Nitrogen on the aquatic environment

The paper requires an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion section. The topic of this paper is the effects and impact nitrogen (in the form of ammonia and nitrite) has on the aquatic environment, specifically freshwater environment. In this paper need to discuss the origin of the nitrogen, it impacts on juvenile freshwater mussels in vast details and you must include three figures or tables in any body paragraph(these figures are just copied from any of the 5 research papers I have attached, no need to recreate a brand new chart BUT you do need to just write a figure captions directly below the figure and label the figure as "figure 1." All five attached papers must be used in the paper you read ( I have read all 5 papers and I can tell any of them would not used) The introduction has to be titled "introduction" with the thesis statement underlined. The introduction must contain multiple citations in the form of (author et al. year of publication) The introduction starts with a big picture(why the topic is been discussed), it must contain background information that will assist the reader to properly understand the rest of the paper, it must be coherent meaning the ideas must flow within the introduction as well as ALL three body paragraphs and the conclusion. Finally, the introduction must contain a thesis statement that indicates the main point of the paper. Each body paragraph has to titled, the title should clue the reader on what the paragraph will discuss. Each body paragraph must contain multiple citations in the form of (author et al. year of publication) The conclusion must be titled conclusion and must contain a reiterated thesis statement that indicates the main point of the paper using unique wording, the conclusion must also reiterates and connect the key supporting arguments used throughout the paper and finally the conclusion must end with a comment that ties the paper together and indicates the importance. DO NOT include a reference section!! Only include in text citations.
The paper requires an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion section. The topic of this paper is the effects and impact nitrogen (in the form of ammonia and nitrite) has on the aquatic environment, specifically freshwater environment. In this paper need to discuss the origin of the nitrogen, it impacts on juvenile freshwater mussels in vast details and you must include three figures or tables in any body paragraph(these figures are just copied from any of the 5 research papers I have attached, no need to recreate a brand new chart BUT you do need to just write a figure captions directly below the figure and label the figure as "figure 1." All five attached papers must be used in the paper you read ( I have read all 5 papers and I can tell any of them would not used) The introduction has to be titled "introduction" with the thesis statement underlined. The introduction must contain multiple citations in the form of (author et al.
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