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Read about YouCaring: Read about CrowdRise: In no particular order, respond to the following: In this course, you will create a digital innovation. Explain how crowdfunding supports digital innovators. Identify two meaningful similarities between YouCaring and CrowdRise and discuss how these are relevant to Australian innovators. Throughout your R&R, relate your observations and insights to the course’s preparation tasks, workshops or online learning tasks, lectures, and guest innovators’ talks. In detail, explain what you learned from this assessment task. Reminder:Submit a doc or docx file. Use the UniSA Harvard Referencing style. Keep track of how much time you spend, for example, "I spent 12 hours on this assessment." Follow these steps: Read one or more texts (sometimes we use the term 'text' loosely). Analyse the texts to develop a nuanced intellectual perspective. To establish your nuanced intellectual perspective Compare the texts and observe details Compare the texts and observe similarities and differences Compare the texts to the course and observe similarities and differences. From your observations, make insights. Aim for a critique. That is, aim for positive and negative observations. Make sure you can verbally discuss your observations and insights. It will help you to clarify your thoughts and therefore your mini essay will have greater clarity. Figure out what you learned from the assessment. *Need 450-550 words
Read about YouCaring: Read about CrowdRise: In no particular order, respond to the following: In this course, you will create a digital innovation. Explain how crowdfunding supports digital innovators. Identify two meaningful similarities between YouCaring and CrowdRise and discuss how these are relevant to Australian innovators. Throughout your R&R, relate your observations and insights to the course’s preparation tasks, workshops or online learning tasks, lectures, and guest innovators’ talks.
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Week 2

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