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History of Art and Technology

Please answer the following 4 questions in approximately 700-800 words each. These are short answer questions intended to assess your familiarity with the content of the course. Please focus your attention on comparing and contrasting the different works and artistic approaches that you mention, and do not duplicate specific artworks or media across answers. Your work will be graded primarily with regard to its originality, inventiveness, breadth of knowledge, and engagement with the reading and the content discussed in lecture.
Please answer the following 4 questions in approximately 700-800 words each. These are short answer questions intended to assess your familiarity with the content of the course. Please focus your attention on comparing and contrasting the different works and artistic approaches that you mention, and do not duplicate specific artworks or media across answers. Your work will be graded primarily with regard to its originality, inventiveness, breadth of knowledge, and engagement with the reading and the content discussed in lecture.
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