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SciFi Movie Critique

Write a 1000-word critique of the science in a science fiction movie or novel. To get full credit, you will need to provide background information (research!), including references, to support your conclusions about how realistic the science in the movie or book is. A good critique will include an assessment of at least three things in the movie or book. For example, if I were reviewing a Star Trek movie, I would research things like antimatter, warp speed travel, wormholes, time travel, gravity in space, sound in space, that kind of thing. Have fun, but please remember that you will be graded on how good your scientific research and explanations are. Fantasy movies are not usually good choices because they are not even trying to be realistic. Some superhero movies will work, but not all, for the same reason--you need to find three ideas that you can research to find out what scientists think about those things today. TV shows are fine too, if you prefer to review a Dr. Who episode (for example). Grammar and writing count, so do your best to write clearly and correctly. Use in text citations and list your references at the end of the paper. The paper needs to be written about the movie "The Martian." Below are a couple things that could be used. The scientific principles I will look at are: -Gravity on Mars -The Habitat and if you could actually dwell there -Storms on Mars and Space
Write a 1000-word critique of the science in a science fiction movie or novel. To get full credit, you will need to provide background information (research!), including references, to support your conclusions about how realistic the science in the movie or book is. A good critique will include an assessment of at least three things in the movie or book. For example, if I were reviewing a Star Trek movie, I would research things like antimatter, warp speed travel, wormholes, time travel, gravity in space, sound in space, that kind of thing.
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APA style on all 3 assessments between 4 pages minimum upto 6 pages maximum of $30 each essays
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Literary criticism which interprets or analyzes the authors work. (3 pages) Examination and analysis of Desiree's Baby with the theme of racism. Thesis statement is: Kate Chopin's short story "Desiree's Baby" subtly describes how racism,gender inequality, and prejudice against physical appearances can shape not only the lives of those on the receiving..
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* Please complete it within 3hours from now. -Any topic (Not too hard, About South Korea is better) -You can see files according to questions.
Research Paper
IT week 7
finance week 7
Health insurance
managment week 6
heart disease
managment week 7

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