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History of africa

4 page essay regarding Africa. 1:the reason for European colonization/occupation of Africa, explain how the industrial revolution contribute to the occupation. 2:explain when the partition of Africa began, the Berlin colonial conference, agreement, the stage of scramble, the African reaction to the partition of Africa, their strategies in the flight against the colonialism. Africa challenges to the environment, explain how polygamy was practiced and the reason why it was (polygamy) in Africa societies. 4: discuss two of the changing in economic, political and social cultural that took place in Africa between 1820 and 1880. please write the essay the way im sending it to you, will review it and no plagiarism, because i have a data base i will check it out. font 12 double space
4 page essay regarding Africa. 1:the reason for European colonization/occupation of Africa, explain how the industrial revolution contribute to the occupation. 2:explain when the partition of Africa began, the Berlin colonial conference, agreement, the stage of scramble, the African reaction to the partition of Africa, their strategies in the flight against the colonialism. Africa challenges to the environment, explain how polygamy was practiced and the reason why it was (polygamy) in Africa societies.
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