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Science Fiction Creative Writing

Write a highly sophisticated creative writing piece in the genre of SCIENCE FICTION. The creative piece has to be based on one of the ideas in the document attached. Instructions have to be followed.
Write a highly sophisticated creative writing piece in the genre of SCIENCE FICTION. The creative piece has to be based on one of the ideas in the document attached. Instructions have to be followed.
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Create an Instructional Brochure on a scientific topic/ Must have 10 steps
Read the attached Doc first, must follow attached doc.
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Mla format paper 6 pages double spaced. Details are attached below.
Reading required to complete this second essay assignment: Jean Anyon's "Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work" Mike Rose's "I Just Wanna Be Average" Website: The Essay Prompt Is Anyon right to claim that a school's socio-economic class determines the type of instruction students receive? I want you to find out by analyzing..
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Please read .docx for instructions. This paper is 3 pages written, then you take previous assignments and add them to the final paper. Due Sunday 3/19 11pm EST.
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Evidence based paper
Introduction: In this task, you will identify a healthcare problem and develop a question that can be informed by evidence. You will identify a single intervention and then search for five research articles and two non-research articles that support that intervention. Requirements: Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total..
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Compare how two poems use poetic sound devices
Compare how two poems use poetic sound devices (be specific in your identification of sound techniques: eg. alliteration, consonance, assonance, rhyme, onomatopoeia, etc.) to create a specific tone, image, feeling, or idea. Do the poems use these devices similarly or differently? What do they suggest about the relationship, in literature, between sensual..
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Technology inform 1. (10 points) Please provide a brief summary of the article (2-3 paragraphs, 3-5 sentences each) 2. (20 points) What is your opinion of this..
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research essay
please choose one from the four list as a primary source.and add 5 secondary sources.
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disease/eradication campaigns
tremendous health disparities exist between the developing world and the west how useful are disease eradication/ elimination campaigns for bridging this gap. - cuban industrial revolution 7 peer reviewed articles explain how useful disease eradication/campaigns are for bridging this gap
Catcher in the Rye: Theme Analysis
1. Every novel brings up many concepts, thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. These ideas may be political, psychological, or social. Select and state one theme in the work that you will pursue. 2. Consider the following topics for a part-to-whole analysis: a. How can the actions of the major character or characters be related to the theme? b. Can the organization..
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Article Summary (6 slides with speaker notes) due in 48 hours
- Explain the position of the Author using a visual aid (Power Point). You will be graded on clarity, thoroughness, and coherence - 6 slides with speaker notes - Due in 48 hours
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3 assigments
have 3 assignments to complete. deadline 19.3.2017 ( malaysia time and date ) can nego ..
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English Language
Industrialization and the U.S.
3. List and explain the major results of industrialization on the United States.
Regions after the Civil War
Outside sources are okay too but don't plagiarize and don't find sources using google (in other words, use the library)! Write a strong conclusion and support your main points with concrete examples. These can't be successfully answered in just a paragraph or two. We discussed four major regions of the U.S. in the period after the Civil War. Discuss the major..
Neuman's System Model
critical thinking
Argument analysis
History of africa

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States of ConsciousnessQuite a few factors identify when and why you feel tired, eventually, and famished. A person's condition of intelligence and awareness varies the whole day and is determined by a person's activity, environment, and time clock.As a human we have what is called circadian rhythms, which just explains our day to day highs and lows. An example of your fundamental up and down tempo would be the sleep/wake cycle. Sunshine regulates the sleep/wake..
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