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Read the attached job posting (writing assignment 2 job description.pdf) and write a letter to apply for this position. Assume you have all the necessary credentials needed for this opportunity and you recently had a marketing internship with Land O'Lakes in Kent ( Normally, a cover letter is submitted along with a resume, however, you are not required to include the resume in this assignment – only include your cover letter. You should submit a Word document as an attachment in the submittal part of this assignment. Please read the instructions below before you get started. Instructions: This assignment is worth 3 points of your final grade and the grade will be awarded according to the following requirements listed below: 1. Be clear and concise: There should be no mistake about what message you are trying to convey. 2. Use proper heading and formatting: Use the guidelines in the cover letter handout below for help on this issue. 3. Use proper spelling and grammar: Make sure your document is free of mistakes. 4. Use the appropriate style and tone: Use of Active voice, first person singular or plural. 5. Your content should be direct: Focus your attention on the topic and refrain from straying away from it. In order to write a “Cover Letter,” open and review the attached documents (Assignment 2 Cover Letter handout.pdf and The cover letter.pptx). The cover letter assignment is a wonderful illustration of a real-life job application scenario. Each grader will be reviewing slightly over 100 cover letters similar to what a Human Resources professional would entail for an actual job posting. Human Resources can only invite a certain number of applicants for the first round of interviews so if there are 10 perfect submissions and the rest are just okay, the “just okay” ones are not getting interviews (and therefore not getting the job). Please note, this assignment is a low-risk environment where a mistake made here may only cost you a few points; however, a mistake made in the “real world” may cost you your dream job! The graders that will be assessing your assignments have served on hiring committees and have seen their fair share of terrible cover letters, resumes, and other documents submitted by applicants. Therefore, our graders do not want any Kent State University graduates producing the types of unacceptable cover letters they have seen in the past. As a result, they will assess this assignment as if they were screening for a real-life job posting and opportunity. What this means for you is that anything less than perfect runs the risk of losing valuable points as that is what would happen if Human Resources reviewed your cover letters for a job posting with an actual company. In order to get a perfect score, you should make sure that your submission reflects the following: Absolutely no typos (especially if you have included a statement referring to your “attention to detail”). If they see one typo, then that will automatically drop your score. No formatting errors such as: Double spacing the whole document, Not having an extra space between single-spaced paragraphs, Indenting paragraphs, Really large or really small font sizes, Cover letters that are longer than one page, etc. You should relate your skills to the job posting (i.e. “Why should I bring you in instead of the other 114 applicants I’m reviewing?”). Remember, the assignment states: You have a recent internship related to the position, and You have all of the necessary skills for the position. No errors associated with something easily found through a Google Search (ex. if the job posting indicates that the job is located in Cleveland and you refer to the job being located in New York City—points will be lost). Applying to the wrong position, the wrong department, and/or the wrong company will cause you to receive an automatic “0.” In a real life situation, a company may be hiring for multiple, similar-sounding positions within different departments, so it is important that you correctly identify the exact position you are applying for (the “wrong company” error goes without saying). Applying to the wrong position/department/company could cause the entire application to be thrown out in which the score of “0” illustrates. Here are more tips for this and future job cover letters: The name in the recipient's address needs to match the name in the salutation/greeting. Avoid using "To Whom It May Concern" or “Dear Sir or Madam”. It can sound like you are using a template. Better to write a logical job title, like "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear Human Resources Director". Include that title in the mailing address. Don't use the name of the company, ex. “Dear Microsoft”. It looks like you didn't do your research, and may never get to the right department. Include an inside address: recipient, company name and address. Unless you're sure, use "Ms." instead of "Mrs." Formally list your degree as Bachelor of Business of Administration, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a letter similar to this. Expand on your education (degree, relevant coursework for the position, and expected graduation date) Be careful that your tone is not too casual. This should be a formal letter and you want to project a professional tone. After your signature, list “encl.” or “enclosure” to reference that a resume has been included in the packet or file Finally, remember to upload your assignment in a “Word Document” to blackboard and be sure to double check your work!
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