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CREATED ON 17th March 2017
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12 U Chemistry Course- Unit 1 of 5

I just need this course completed for me slowly but surely before the final deadline of April 30th, 2017. Doing this Unit by Unit so I can send the units for marking and then think about progressing to the next unit through this websites help, I NEED HIGHER THAN 95% each unit if possible. I will be attach all necessary files/docs required for this work to be completed; -All 4 Chapters for this Unit (Need to complete the "Key Questions" at the end of each chapter, since those are the ones that count) -A sample submission, of how the final format of each chapters questions should be put together in one doc/file. Whoever reads this order, must follow these guidelines, and respect my demand. Its what the course wants, so I need to do it that way. If your able to complete this successfully, and within deadlines, I will probably hire you for my next Unit! Thanks Guys, This means a lot, so no rookies that will have even the slightest bit of plagiarism.
I just need this course completed for me slowly but surely before the final deadline of April 30th, 2017. Doing this Unit by Unit so I can send the units for marking and then think about progressing to the next unit through this websites help, I NEED HIGHER THAN 95% each unit if possible. I will be attach all necessary files/docs required for this work to be completed; -All 4 Chapters for this Unit (Need to complete the "Key Questions" at the end of each chapter, since those are the ones that count) -A sample submission, of how the final format of each chapters questions should be put together in one doc/file. Whoever reads this order, must follow these guidelines, and respect my demand.
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