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God's Miracles

Thesis Reflection-A thesis-based reflection will be turned in with the purpose of demon strating critical and context equalized reflection onthe biblical narrativeas they speak to us today. The first part of this assignment is an outline of the Thesis paperwhich is due in week 8(5%). The second and final part of this assignmentis a five-paragraph thesis essay based on the outline. Sources to consultfor the thesis paper should bethe Bible’s stories, thecourse text bookComplete Visual Bible(unless another resource is preferred), and a recent news story or opinion piece from a well-recognized journal or magazine (a credible source, not someone’s blog) to address specific questions in the course as outlined in the schedule.Note: Wikipediais not a credible source for this or other class assignments.
Thesis Reflection-A thesis-based reflection will be turned in with the purpose of demon strating critical and context equalized reflection onthe biblical narrativeas they speak to us today. The first part of this assignment is an outline of the Thesis paperwhich is due in week 8(5%). The second and final part of this assignmentis a five-paragraph thesis essay based on the outline. Sources to consultfor the thesis paper should bethe Bible’s stories, thecourse text bookComplete Visual Bible(unless another resource is preferred), and a recent news story or opinion piece from a well-recognized journal or magazine (a credible source, not someone’s blog) to address specific questions in the course as outlined in the schedule.Note: Wikipediais not a credible source for this or other class assignments.
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Please read assignment BEFORE responding to me. See attached file.
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Please read the Instruction CAREFULLY .!!!!! MALALA THE MARTYR is an example how the speeche look like.Must be exactly with three main points
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