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Multicultural Book Flyers

Choose and read two multicultural picture books, story books or chapter books that are appropriate for the group of students in your program of study. You may use the websites listed in the topic materials or your local library to access possible books for this assignment. Create a one-page flyer for each of the books you chose to read. Refer to the "Sample Flyer" document for possible ideas to use in creating your flyers. Be creative, but be sure to include the following: Title of the book Author of the book Summary paragraph of the book Three images or illustrations related to the book Two uses in the classroom for the book Three different professional reviews of the book Brief analysis of how multiculturalism is incorporated in light of the following criteria given in “Evaluating Children’s Books for Bias”: Omission Illustrations Check the story line Authenticity Relationships between people Heroines/Heroes Child’s self-image Author’s or Illustrator’s background Author’s or Illustrator’s perspective Language Copyright date
Choose and read two multicultural picture books, story books or chapter books that are appropriate for the group of students in your program of study. You may use the websites listed in the topic materials or your local library to access possible books for this assignment. Create a one-page flyer for each of the books you chose to read. Refer to the "Sample Flyer" document for possible ideas to use in creating your flyers.
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