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Questions to answer (Genesis)

Check Grading RUBRIC. In your response to each question, cite three different commentaries or journals. There are 3 different Bible verses on Genesis to be interpreted as a question. Compose ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the 3 sources chosen: What does the source say about the topic in question? What is the best possible solution to the question? List each source and its interpretation of the passage in question. Write a fourth paragraph to discuss what you believe to be the best possible solution to the question. Whose interpretation do you agree with or do you have another view?
Check Grading RUBRIC. In your response to each question, cite three different commentaries or journals. There are 3 different Bible verses on Genesis to be interpreted as a question. Compose ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the 3 sources chosen: What does the source say about the topic in question?
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Check Grading RUBRIC. In your response to each question, cite three different commentaries or journals. There are 3 different Bible verses on Genesis to be interpreted as a question. Compose ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the 3 sources chosen: What does the source say about the topic in question? What is the best possible solution to the question? List each source..
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In your response to each question, cite three different commentaries or journals. There are 3 different Bible verses on Genesis to be interpreted as a question. Compose ONE PARAGRAPH for each of the 3 sources chosen: What does the source say about the topic in question? What is the best possible solution to the question? List each source and its interpretation..
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