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Notice! Think of problems you've encountered in your community, the college, society, pop-culture, etc. Eliminate large problems such as world hunger, domestic abuse, poverty, drugs, world hunger, etc to focus on smaller solvable problems that can be explained in a paragraph or two. Use the Analysis section to help generate ideas. Then brainstorm for solutions to that problem. Consider using the library databases. Write 3-4 paragraphs explaining the problem and solutions you've developed. Acknowledge alternative solutions and counter or concede to them. Be sure to develop a clear thesis that asserts your solution. Use specific details and support strategies. Integrate information from an outside source and document it with MLA format in-text citations. Avoid over-simplification and other logical fallacies. Use signal phrases to introduce authors and to smoothly introduce the sources into your writing. Use active language and carefully edited American English to assert and support your thesis. Maintain a 3rd person perspective.
Notice! Think of problems you've encountered in your community, the college, society, pop-culture, etc. Eliminate large problems such as world hunger, domestic abuse, poverty, drugs, world hunger, etc to focus on smaller solvable problems that can be explained in a paragraph or two. Use the Analysis section to help generate ideas.
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I have a discussion due by tomorrow evening. The discussion needs to be answered with three full paragraphs and three references.
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use recent research articles, use coventry harvard reference style,meet the outcomes i have uploaded the outcomes please read the example and start the work be critique
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Please follow the instructions that are given on page four of the uploaded syllabus. The layout for the assignment is also on page four. I have also attached the chapter that needs to be cited just as the professor has requested.
Assignment #1 (20 points): Hospice Care For this assignment you are asked to address a patient-centered care situation by using evidence-based decision making skills and the PICO process. You will turn in a problem, evidence and outcomes report. All references (citations) are done according to the guidelines presented in the Publication Manual of the American..
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Due 3/17/17 How ApN guidance and coaching can be applied across settings and patients' health states and transitions.
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