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Personal Narrative Assignment

Personal Narrative Assignment Description: Through this self-investigation essay, you will critically assess the formation, understanding, enactment, and performance of your own cultural identity- how your own cultural background has influenced and molded who you are today and your worldview. It is necessary to self-reflect on our own identity characteristics in order to understand how our own communication patterns and practices function with others in the context of intercultural communication. This essay should reference appropriate course content (through both in-text references and a separate reference page in APA format), and be written clearly and accurately. This paper may take several creative forms, however, must demonstrate your knowledge/mastery of course concepts as they relate to your own cultural identity. Questions to consider: The following questions will help you get started on your narrative paper. 1. How do you identify? Example: Race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, faith, socioeconomic status, political affiliation, nationality, immigration status, family structure, education, etc. 2. What aspects of your identity are most important to you? Why? 3. How does your identity impact your interactions with others? Formatting Requirements: • Typed, double-spaced, 10-12 point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins • 3 pages in length • Have an introduction, main body, and a conclusion • Includes appropriate reference page with APA cited references. Here is the APA format guide:
Personal Narrative Assignment Description: Through this self-investigation essay, you will critically assess the formation, understanding, enactment, and performance of your own cultural identity- how your own cultural background has influenced and molded who you are today and your worldview. It is necessary to self-reflect on our own identity characteristics in order to understand how our own communication patterns and practices function with others in the context of intercultural communication. This essay should reference appropriate course content (through both in-text references and a separate reference page in APA format), and be written clearly and accurately. This paper may take several creative forms, however, must demonstrate your knowledge/mastery of course concepts as they relate to your own cultural identity.
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