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Italian Economic Life

In Paper 2, you will be writing about the specific topic you defined in your Proposal. The purpose of Paper 2 will be persuasive. In it you will put forth an arguable statement, frame it within the context of the scholarship on the subject, and attempt to offer a carefully structured and logical defence of it. Paper 2 should address an issue that relates to the present. To write your paper, it must include: Introduction : In your introduction, you should: - clearly identify your topic (your paper's critical focus). - clearly state your thesis (your primary claim). - provide a short literature review, in which you summarize and review a few key sources. Only relate information from each source that is of relevance to your specific problem (your critical focus), and show how each source relates to your thesis. - provide some background information about your topic to lead the reader into the subject, and allow them to understand the issue at hand. Body : The body of your paper should be organized into 2-4 major divisions (structural units) that constitute your major points. Provide a title at the head of each division (a short descriptive phrase taken from your outline). Remember, your thesis is your paper's controlling idea. The major points of the body of your paper should be those that allow you to make your point, and offer the best support of your primary claim. Therefore, you must be selective about which issues to write about: don't try to write about everything. Be sure that the supporting evidence you provide (from your sources) for each point is sufficiently specific and detailed. Conclusion : In your conclusion, you should: - re-state your research question (your topic). - reaffirm your thesis. - summarize the most persuasive points and evidence through which you have supported your thesis. List of Works Cited: To inform your paper, you must use 5 sources (from Lab #2): · 4 new scholarly sources (i.e. , not cited in Paper 1): journal articles or books (at least 1 of each). You are free to include (in addition) any sources you used for Paper 1. · 1 specialized encyclopedia article (the relevant section of your group entry in the Encyclopedia of Canada's Peoples) Be sure to reference your sources by using in-text citation every time you present research information and material that you have borrowed from the sources you have used. On a separate page (at the end of your paper), you must include a List of Works Cited. It should contain only the sources you've actually cited in your paper.
In Paper 2, you will be writing about the specific topic you defined in your Proposal. The purpose of Paper 2 will be persuasive. In it you will put forth an arguable statement, frame it within the context of the scholarship on the subject, and attempt to offer a carefully structured and logical defence of it. Paper 2 should address an issue that relates to the present.
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