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Read the attached paper, then: 1. Write a 3 pages summary 2. Single spaced 3. Times New Roman font, size 12.
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The Function of Autonomy and Responsibility Held by Bourgeoisie throughout the Industrial RevolutionDuring the Professional Revolution the people was split up into two classes; the minority was the rich, commercial middle school, the bourgeoisie, and the majority was your poor functioning class, the proletariat. The bourgeoisie believed in their rights to gain riches and protect individuality and their duty to maintain these kinds of rights, which determined the harsh laboring and living conditions from the working class. The indignities forced upon the lower school also brought on movements that challenged the bourgeoisie to vary their beliefs. These included the creation of The reds, the Christian Socialist Movements, utopian models, and other theoretic views. The demands for social reforms by these motions along with the demands from the proletariat and other influential members of society, required the bourgeoisie to modify..
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