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Three Good Things

Good Things Journal Summary Paper” if you would like to start draft it this week. Paper Format: Summarizing your “Three Good Things” from your nightly journal. This paper should include 3 sections and be 4 – 6 pages 1. Summary of the patterns in your good things • Cluster the patterns (E.g. Relationships, Learning, Achievements, etc.). Use subheadings and 3 relevant scholarly references (no videos, blogs, websites, etc.) from the readings on BLACKBOARD and your own search for scholarly articles • (use APA format for your references) 2. Summarize the patterns of ‘CAUSES’ (The “causes will likely fall into one of these categories: your actions, other’s actions, random) andinclude a summary of the actions you will take to continue “make these things continue to happen in your life”. 3. Linkages to BOTH your EI and Strengths Data (this should be a detailed description that demonstrates your understanding of EI and the importance of strengths – not just a couple of sentences – include at least 2 references in this section) DO NOT TYPE UP A LIST OF THE THREE GOOD THINGS YOU WROTE EACH NIGHTI've attached a copy of the sample paper in this section.
Good Things Journal Summary Paper” if you would like to start draft it this week. Paper Format: Summarizing your “Three Good Things” from your nightly journal. This paper should include 3 sections and be 4 – 6 pages 1. Summary of the patterns in your good things • Cluster the patterns (E.g.
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