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CREATED ON 15th March 2017
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Quintillian Focus Question #1

Please follow the instructions that are given on page four of the uploaded syllabus. The layout for the assignment is also on page four. I have also attached the chapter that needs to be cited just as the professor has requested.
Please follow the instructions that are given on page four of the uploaded syllabus. The layout for the assignment is also on page four. I have also attached the chapter that needs to be cited just as the professor has requested.
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Assignment #1 (20 points): Hospice Care For this assignment you are asked to address a patient-centered care situation by using evidence-based decision making skills and the PICO process. You will turn in a problem, evidence and outcomes report. All references (citations) are done according to the guidelines presented in the Publication Manual of the American..
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Evaluate the six characteristics of APN practice
Due 3/17/17 How ApN guidance and coaching can be applied across settings and patients' health states and transitions.
newsletter that would be distributed to families in an early years setting. The content of the newsletter must include the following features (in any order): An overview of two of your upcoming curriculum units An introduction of the staff including professionals providing services to children with special needs A description of the classroom learning Five..
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I need literature review on Emotional Intelligence. The guidelines to do the literature review are on the handbook on page 16. You also have my proposal for the case study, so you have an understanding of the project. This is for my final year work, so it is very important that I have a quality work. You need to reference the text with Harvard referencing throughout..
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This Assignment addresses the following course outcome(s): LS185-1: Describe the features of the US legal system, including its history, procedures and institutions. GEL-1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. GEL-8.4: Use principles of sound reasoning within the..
Guidance and coaching in the advanced practice role is different from RN role of teaching/coaching
Due 3/17 How do you think guidance and coaching in the advanced practice role is different from the RN role of teaching/coaching? Are there certain elements of this competency that are more important than others? How does the teaching and coaching role fit with a wellness versus sickness model of care..
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this is 5-7 power point slides presentation ,, which should be 7-10 mins
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just another lyrmeric
Now that you’ve read “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” I want you to try your hand at writing a ballad that mixes elements of the spiritual and the supernatural. Your ballad should consist of 20 stanzas, 4 to 6 lines each. Your ballad should tell a narrative, meaning there should be a plot, characters, action and imagery expressed in lyrical language. Don’t skimp..
Childhood Schizophrenia Research Results
I need a journal article summary of the article i have chosen. I have specific instructions and even an example of what it has to look like. The article, example and rules are attached
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Everyday heroes (add on)
Persuasive speech based on hero essay. 3-5 minutes in length. Must be Persuasive style. Works cited must be noted in MLA format and include at least 3 websites and a book.
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Art Discussion
10–12-page research paper • At least 2200 words, approximately 2/3 of the length of your final paper • Must include an introduction with a clear statement of purpose • Different sections of paper show clear development of statement of purpose and integrate research sources • Visual analysis of specific artworks • Overall paper has a coherent flow that supports..
Manmade disaster and their impact on the road traffic environment
Assignment with table of content, introduction, content, conclusion and bibliography
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APA formatted Case Study as per attached instructions
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Managerial Decision Week 5
APA formatted answers to the following 5 questions. Each question has to be answered separately: Question 1 Discuss a time when you were involved, either as an individual or as part of a group, in a decision in which escalation of commitment took place. How did you feel about the decision and the escalation? Question 2 Throughout its existence, Saturn has never..
Evaluate the view that it is 'Just' for states to control their borders
1200 word essay and 200 word precis. I have already set out the essay plan. I need someone who has knowledge in this field and is good at following instructions. I am also looking for a competitive price.
Behavior Management Model
Writer choice
DQ 1 AND 2
Private Guardado
Three Good Things

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