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Lafayette Escadrille

You are a lieutenant in either the French Lafayette Escadrille or the American Flying Service in the First World War--make it clear which entity you represent. You have completed your training to become a fighter pilot and have reported to your squadron. Your commanding officer has ordered you to keep a journal of your experiences. Pretend you are writing over a six-week period--that means you will have 6 entries on one essay. Separate each entry by date. The reason for six entries is that the average lifespan of a pilot in the First World War was six weeks. In each of the first five entries, describe the life of a First World War fighter pilot. Describe your daily life and discuss your successes and your fears. What kind of plane do you fly? What kind of weapons do you use? How does it feel to be in the air? What's combat like? The more details, the better. Be sure to mention the lives of your fellow squadron members. For your sixth and final entry, pretend you are your squadron's commanding officer and write a letter to your pilot's family describing his death in combat.
You are a lieutenant in either the French Lafayette Escadrille or the American Flying Service in the First World War--make it clear which entity you represent. You have completed your training to become a fighter pilot and have reported to your squadron. Your commanding officer has ordered you to keep a journal of your experiences. Pretend you are writing over a six-week period--that means you will have 6 entries on one essay.
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How much can you do a proof read. there is no much words start with number 5. and do proofread to just required places.
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