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Cover Letter

The Situation: You are interested in an assistant buyer position for Murdock's, a regional chain of women's clothing stores. Your Task: Compose a ONE PAGE, properly formatted cover letter that introduces yourself to Consuela Lopez, the business manager for Murdock's, stating that you are interested in the Assistant Buyer position and requesting an opportunity to discuss your qualifications in greater detail. Support your candidacy with relevant information from "The Facts," below. Some of the information below will be inappropriate for a cover letter, so choose your supporting information carefully. The Facts: • Traditionally, Murdock's has focused on a trim and stylish wardrobe for the sophisticated businesswoman, often finding itself competing with national stores such as Banana Republic. • In the past Murdock's has focused on women in their 30s and older. The typical Murdock's customer is a career woman who has a mid-level position in an organization. She is not at the top of her profession but plays a key role in her firm: she routinely participates in business meetings with both clients and higher-ups. • Recently you have read in trade publications and blogs that the company is making a push to sell to a younger, hipper crowd but still maintain the fairly conservative Murdock's sensibility. The idea is if Murdock's is able to "capture" customers early in their careers, the customers will remain loyal for years to come. • The duties of an assistant buyer include helping the buyer with product selection that sets Murdock's apart from other stores; establishing and maintaining supplier relationships; helping to negotiate buying terms; keeping up to date with style and category trends; managing inventory levels; responding to changes in demand; helping with budgets and sales forecasts; assisting the buyer in preparing reports and making presentations. • For years Murdock's was a family-run chain. Nine years ago the founder of the company retired, leaving his oldest son to run the company. The son's tenure was not successful. Three years ago the company hired a business manager and CFO for the company. These moves seem to have been successful in making the company more profitable. • You have recently graduated with a degree in fashion business, having taken classes such as history of fashion, theory of fashion, retailing, wholesaling, globalized fashion, and the economics and politics of fashion, in which you studied topics such as exploitation of third-world workers, outsourcing, and environmental concerns in factories. • A trend in the women's apparel industry has been the rise of so-called disposable fashion. Stores that sell disposable fashions sell items at extremely low cost; the idea is that the items are for special purposes, such as for a party. The purchaser will wear the item just once or a few times and then get rid of it. • You've completed three internships for major retail operations that included stores that ranged from high end (Hermes) to low end (Marshall's). You were sometimes appalled at the poor treatment that interns received at these venues. In strategy meetings you sometimes felt like speaking up - especially when the meeting was addressing styles for the younger demographic - but often felt intimidated by the situation and kept your comments to yourself. • Other than your internships, you have never had a job in the fashion industry. You have had several non-fashion jobs. Currently you work as a waitress in a Euro-Cafe that serves coffee, light sandwiches, and baked goods to a sophisticated clientele. • Your view of fashion can be seen on your blog, Hipless in Seattle. On your blog you have often posted videos of fashions that caught your eye, pairing your view of style with many different kinds of music ranging from Mozart to 1930s cornball hillbilly. • In addition to your blog, you also have active Twitter and Facebook accounts. You consider your social network to be a major asset for you in regard to matters of taste and judgment. Recently, before obtaining a dog you queried your online community about the best breed for you. Your social network successfully steered you toward a beagle blend mutt that you named Charlie. Charlie is now your best friend in the world. To save money, since high school you have sewn your own high-fashion clothes from patterns. Recently, you and a friend even delved into creating your own patterns, with the dream of ultimately becoming a designer yourself.
The Situation: You are interested in an assistant buyer position for Murdock's, a regional chain of women's clothing stores. Your Task: Compose a ONE PAGE, properly formatted cover letter that introduces yourself to Consuela Lopez, the business manager for Murdock's, stating that you are interested in the Assistant Buyer position and requesting an opportunity to discuss your qualifications in greater detail. Support your candidacy with relevant information from "The Facts," below. Some of the information below will be inappropriate for a cover letter, so choose your supporting information carefully.
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