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Nusring law and ethics case study

Hi all, Could I please bring to your attention three issues/assumptions concerning the scenario please. The charity which RN Bill is involved in is not a hospital charity and hence is not related to his employer. RN Bill knows of the hospital policy of staff not taking hospital computers home. The hospital in which RN Bill is employed in, is located in Australia. Hi all, The relevant codes are are the ‘Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia’ (2008 – rebranded) and the ‘Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia’ (2008 – rebranded). DO NOT refer to the ‘registered nurses standards of practice’ (2016). Do not forget the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights also. There are also 4 people to discuss Not 3. RN Bill NUM Liz PATIENT John and wife needs to be in apa
Hi all, Could I please bring to your attention three issues/assumptions concerning the scenario please. The charity which RN Bill is involved in is not a hospital charity and hence is not related to his employer. RN Bill knows of the hospital policy of staff not taking hospital computers home. The hospital in which RN Bill is employed in, is located in Australia.
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I supplied the resources for the paper. No outside resources 4 pages.
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