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An Investigation into Thermal Damage during the Grinding Process

You are required to use the previously recorded grinding data to determine the accuracy of the thermal model presented below in equation (1). a) For each data point calculate the experimental specific energy. b) For each data point, using equation (1) below, calculate the theoretical critical specific energy N.B. one sample calculation only should be included. The remaining results should be included in a tabular form. c) Plot a graph to compare the experimental and theoretical values of specific energy at which burn occurs. The values of experimental and theoretical specific energy should be plotted against an axis of workpiece speed. d) By reference to the graph, discuss the validity of the thermal model. Your discussion should include: Suitability of the thermal model (equation 1) for process control purposes  possible sources of error within the thermal model  consideration of alternative machining processes  outlining of optimum and ‘safe’ machining parameters  Selection of the most appropriate type of grinding wheel e) The inclusion of a suitable bibliography with appropriate referencing together with the overall structure, presentation and English.
You are required to use the previously recorded grinding data to determine the accuracy of the thermal model presented below in equation (1). a) For each data point calculate the experimental specific energy. b) For each data point, using equation (1) below, calculate the theoretical critical specific energy N.B. one sample calculation only should be included.
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