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IT project case study

Your first task is to search for and select a suitable case of a substantial IT project. In this context, a “case” means a description of the project, including the main events during its execution, what challenges or problems were encountered, and how they were solved. You may search on the web, in the online library, or using any other resources you have access to. You may use a case that is the property of a membership organisation, such as the PMI. You may also use an undocumented case from your own personal experience. Now write an academic report consisting of four parts of roughly equal length. 1. Specify where the case can be found. This could be a URL, for example. If the case is from your own personal experience and is undocumented, then state this at the start of the section. Summarise the case. Your summary should have an academic perspective, and should concentrate on the points which are most relevant to the management of IT projects. Discuss how the need for the project arose. Evaluate the methods used to gather, analyse and manage the requirements for the project. (25%) 2. Identify and categorise the stakeholders of the project. Critically evaluate the approach the project team took to managing the stakeholders and communicating with them. (25%) 3. Identify the main risks and uncertainties the project faced. Critically assess how they were managed. (25%) 4. Evaluate the role of the project manager. Critically discuss the main tasks the project manager performed during the project, and give your judgement about the quality of the project manager’s work. (25%) Note: Case descriptions never have complete information, so you may make any assumptions you like about details which are not described. Note: An executive summary, introduction and conclusion are not necessary in your report. Marking scheme 25%: summary of project case, discussion of how it originated, justification of method(s) used. 25%: evaluation of approach to stakeholder management and communication. 25%: assessment of management of problems and risks. 25%: evaluation of the outcome of the project. Note: The marking allocation for each section includes an element for presentation, English, referencing, and general flow and coherence of the report.
Your first task is to search for and select a suitable case of a substantial IT project. In this context, a “case” means a description of the project, including the main events during its execution, what challenges or problems were encountered, and how they were solved. You may search on the web, in the online library, or using any other resources you have access to. You may use a case that is the property of a membership organisation, such as the PMI.
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