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Ex-Baltimore Cop...Exposes Police Culture of Corruption & Abuse

VIDEO ATTACHMENT Ex-Baltimore Cop...Exposes Police Culture of Corruption & Abuse (Links to an external site.) Published on Jul 10, 2015 "Former U.S. Marine and Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood, Jr. made headlines when he Tweeted about the abuses he witnessed fellow Baltimore police officers perpetrating. In this interview with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Wood reveals the truth behind the “us vs. them” siege mentality pervading urban police forces that leads to a culture of corruption, racism and abuse, and what can be done to bring change for the better to policing in the United States." ASSIGNMENT In the above video, former police officer Michael Wood posits that a culture of corruption, racism, and abuse exists in his former agency? Watch the video. It's long but worth the time investment. After watching the video, discuss the following: Do you believe the former officer's story? If so, why? If not, why not? Be specific. "Culture." Define it. What separates isolated incidents of misbehavior from a pervasive culture of wrongdoing? How are cultural norms developed and reinforced? How do law enforcement executives change the culture? What can line officers do when confronted with illegal and/or unethical behavior within their organization? Mr. Wood asserts there is an "us vs. them" mentality within the police department. True or false? Discuss and defend. Defend your "opinions" with documented research, using citable incidents (in Baltimore or other departments) to support/prove your points. MINIMUM MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS Your submission must be 750 words of narrative submitted in APA format, include in-text citations, headers and footers; and have properly formatted Title, Abstract, and References pages. Failure to meet any of the above minimum mandatory requirements may, at the Facilitator's discretion, result in a failing grade.
VIDEO ATTACHMENT Ex-Baltimore Cop...Exposes Police Culture of Corruption & Abuse (Links to an external site.) Published on Jul 10, 2015 "Former U.S. Marine and Baltimore police officer Michael A. Wood, Jr. made headlines when he Tweeted about the abuses he witnessed fellow Baltimore police officers perpetrating.
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