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Art Compare and Contrast

Comparison/Contrast Essay (Write 5-6 typed pages) USE MLA FORMAT YOUR ASSIGNMENT: For this composition, you will compare two the Post-Impressionists artists portrayed: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat and Bathers by Paul Cézanne . Other paintings not mentioned may be used too.Names of paintings are italicized. THIS ESSAY MUST BE WRITTEN IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!! Develop a block-by-block or point-by-point comparison. (See page 17 & 18 in text book.) Make sure that comparisons are evenly balanced. Write an outline to turn in. (See page 10.) The outline should include a hook, thesis, and “working” topic sentences for each paragraph, and conclusion. Begin opening paragraph with a grabber. (See page 40-41) The thesis statement should be specific, complete, and the last line in the first paragraph. (P. 23-24) Each supporting paragraphs must begin with topic sentences. “He was born in France” is NOT a topic sentence. Acceptable: “Michelangelo is the quintessential Renaissance Man.” Make sure you clearly use transition words in your comparison/constrast. Do a separate Work Cited page. Use two-four quotes—short ones and a long oness—using the correct MLA format. Quotes should not exceed 15% of your essay. (For format, check class notes or go to: HYPERLINK "" or use Easy Bib DO NOT QUOTE FROM WEKIPEDIA! Give very specific examples of each similarity or difference. End with a concluding paragraph. (See page 42-44) DO NOT use the personal pronoun “I” in this essay. For inspiration on analyzing and deconstructing a painting, reread David Hickey’s “The Kids Are All Right After the Prom,” P. 82, and Chapter 8, “Writing about Image,” P. 74. Proof Read CAREFULLY!!! Turn essay into
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