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Worksheet 6

Part 1 Answer questions please number Worksheet 6 Upon what does the stability of a building depend? Name the two basic architectural systems. What is the simplest building-construction system? What is the advantage of an arch over the post-and-lintel system? What is the advantage of the pointed arch over the round arch? The steel frame and elevator led to what form of architecture? Which form of architecture did Buckminster Fuller design? Why is it so useful in regions such as the Antarctica? What are Frank Lloyd Wright’s principles for “Prairie houses”? What is green architecture? Provide an example and explain what makes it unique. Watch Part 2 Discussion Forum 6 Discuss three key things that you found interesting and newly learned from reading the text along with your personal reflections. Do not just mention or summarize the contents but elaborate your thoughts. * Feel free to raise any question for all of us to think about. * To receive the full credit, in addition to your original post, respond to your classmates’ posts (a minimum of five meaningful responses throughout the semester). Post 1 Three key things I newly learned from this weeks readings. 1st thing was learning that around 1833, in Chicago, the technique balloon-frame construction was introduced. Balloon-frame construction is a skeleton and skin method. 2nd thing was learning that a dome is a curved vault built to cover an interior space and that the most common type of dome takes the form of a shell of rotation. 3rd thing was learning about post and lintel construction and how it has been, for at least four thousand years, a favorite method of architects for raising a roof and providing for open space underneath. Post 2 I will upload once classmate post NOTE THIS ASSIGNMENT NEEDS TO BE DONE BY MARCH 12 9PM PLEASE
Part 1 Answer questions please number Worksheet 6 Upon what does the stability of a building depend? Name the two basic architectural systems. What is the simplest building-construction system? What is the advantage of an arch over the post-and-lintel system?
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